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Hello My Name is Greg

A non conforming optimist and empath with a dash of pessimism. Lover of  the rock we live on, its incredidable complex intertwined formula containing its abundance of life. A chap who believes in humility over everything, giving without expectation, honesty and ones infinite ideas to be the heart of true success.

Over the years I have worked with many of the industry’s best, implementing, planning, selling and managing. A former microsoft systems engineer turned mobile marketing creative and sales professional, I have over 15 years experience in Mobile and Online Media space. An activist for digital consumption change. Awoke to the good and bad of media, mobile and pop culture and its sometimes dangerous subliminal influence on society.

“The greatest power we have over bad media\personalities\advertising is by not paying it any attention”

Grown tired of the self cotained corporate zoo keeping entities and there lack of leadership and care.

My greatest passions in this life are needing humans, conservation, animal welfare and a sport called tennis.

So tired of all the marketing, corporate cliches and motivational bullshit thats out there… An emotional reaction over a material need reaction has far more value.
It’s not the first impression that counts; it’s the final impression that lasts longer.

It creates relatable conversation that have lasting impacts and decisions over trust and conversion. Follow through with that trust and a promise and you gain a friend for life.

A little about me:  soft, sensitive, empathetic worker who simply loves good caring people, non oppressive corporate "game" nonsense environments and all round free thinkers.

Having been out of corporate for over a year taking a “Sabbatical” looking after my family I am looking for  new opportunities but without boring you any further, I will summarize. My core focus and strength is mobile and the business development around it and oh selling stuff on it. Be it product, platform, solution and idea generation which include out the box thinking. 

Digital is a saw point in my book as most of it is intrusive garbage but seeking out the select few who have a broader and really honest customer plan in mind..

I am looking to re enter the marketplace and despite my experience and past senior roles am willing to get involved in new roles and challenges as well as continue on with my career skills.

Oh I do speak the truth and dont hold back since no one does these days… Nobody likes confrontation, nobody likes the truth, nobody likes honesty or a raw opinion and nobody likes to ask that question. (well very few)

The elephant in the room continues to go undetected in all facets of our our 5 senses today, in things that we dont even know affects us. Our thoughts are so tanished I can only hope one day that a sense of self will prevail and caring beyond our own conformity and self imporance will ultimately win the race in humanity.

Be nice for no reason, keep on smiling, question everything and stop and think it over just a few more times..