Humility from a GOAT

Humility from a GOAT

December 14, 2017 gregburckard 0

Some people may feel that I have a biased view of Roger Federer after reading this article.

But people who whole-heartedly support him will agree with my views.

I only started watching tennis in the past year.  Yet I have observed that despite being the top-ranked player for 238 weeks—and after losing his No. 1 title—he is, perhaps, the most humble player in the circuit.

There are players who bang their racquets and glare at their opponents when they score a point with so much hatred and corrosion.

If looks could kill, their opponents wouldn’t stand a chance, including Rafael Nadal. These players give such shouts of victory that their opponents feel even more down in the dumps about their loss.

The only time that I have seen him lose control was during the 2008 Wimbledon finals when he was absolutely at the end of his tether. His post match celebration only consisted of a fist pump.

When he wins his final matches, he tends to drop to the ground—but his co-finalist will never feel bad after losing to him.

To me, Federer is like a duck.

He is calm and cool on the outside, but paddling vigorously beneath the surface.

He may be disappointed when he loses, but he doesn’t allow himself to snatch the other person’s happiness.

His sincere handshakes explain so much about him.

Federer epitomizes the meaning of true sportsmanship.

There might be better athletes out there than him.

But for me, Federer rocks and I won’t miss any opportunity that allows me to say so.

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