If only brands spoke the truth

If only brands spoke the truth

May 11, 2018 Off By gregburckard

Is there really a brand out there that speaks and advertise the truth about their intentions and due care?I highly doubt it. We live in a world full of analog and digital noise designed to play on our emotions and sign on the dotted line. Its a world full of crap, false promises lies and dodgy subliminal marketing…

Single cell bacteria eveolved into our complex beings we are today by accidant in one cell eating another and then suddently needing oxygen.. boom here we are and the foundation of cell survival is adapttion and diversity.. diversity being the biggy!!!

It has unfortuntly created billions of diverse greedy ego idiots whos only goal and foundation as a brand is to secretly profilt from you in the majority and provide a service to you in the minority for there own gain and high socity bullshit life of materialism and zero values..

The is a common and majority brand service of today…

We as mammels in our breif existnace and evoltion have refined and developed the best opprestion tools ever. its called politics and power and those given the miracle of consciouness and awareness of life all fall into the wrong cause which seek greed, oppresion and explottion from the masses over anything else other than a service deliverable. Its existited for centuries unfortuanyly…

Only the ones who awoke\awake to it will understand…

Brands are evil.. they do not have goal of caring for you but to profit from you. In a a non free world we live in we are forced to engage and purchase based on ecominc power minimal conglomorat brand offerings..


There is an indusrty that exploits the masses more for profit and gain. They toy with you emotionally and lie to you verbally. We are forced to corform.. Whether it being sucking you dry for a premiun or debit order that will cost you the next 10 years of your life, falling for your ego in buying a alimuniuam device that transports you from a to b with interest or bullshit you into false deadly healthrisks of crappy food.. or suck you into false medicinal health beliefs, longevity and eternal exitance nonsense.. with the added power of a evil addition platform called socail media your cure and happiness will never be found and lost in the noise of pop culture.

To cut this boring post short.. stop and think a little bit further just for a second…. pause your overweleaming influence…. for all the empaths and awoke ones…. you can stop laughing now.. for those yet to awake and live free.. welcome….

Try your best not to conform, say no to greedy brands that lie…. say yest to a brand that delivers on its honesty and is worth your time and money…. fuck the rest….. Ultimately all brands really couldn’t give two hoots about your private life and situation but as least the few can be honest in thier message and provide value and quality in their delivery.

We live in a blind, brainwashed, gullible society who today have failed to question, fail to speak up and most importantly fail to be human….