Mommy I want one!

Mommy I want one!

May 17, 2018 Off By gregburckard

Living in a world of absolute noise and garbage messaging…. it really hit home whilst watching one of my heroes Dr Noel Fitzpatrick on telly… a trend which few speak about and no one sees…

In a world of over polulated humans and tragically over populuating homeless domestic friends we decided to call pets there is a frightening trend developing and a forgotten realm of conciousness that needs our greater care.

Yes we live in a world so FULL.. Humans and our best friends are struggling, slumming, dying but lets not get into humanities failure of our own from power oppression, greed but rather focus on our fluffy cuddly friends we called “pets” so many years ago as the intellectual dominant species of this rock we live on..

Lets not get into the intricassies of pop culture damage on todays society but stick to this guide for dummies…

Ever wonder why rabbits, pugs, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, Pomeranian’s, chiwawas have taken over the pet popularity realm?

Do I really need to answers this? Lets start with movies….

Whenever a movie with a bunch of cute critters hits the theaters, there is an immediate, sharp spike of adoptions for that breed… because most people impulse buy and its based mostly on the subliminal seed that was planted from a recent media brainwash desire, and some people impulse buy because the media message was cute and caring and they feel it makes a difference for there own conscious of contribution that something needs a home..

Hollywood as a medium dictates our emotional responses and impulse buys.. I will not go into the subliminal brand pushes your unaware ness of today….

Ever wonder how Magicians are soo good, how mentalists are soo good?… I would suggest spending some time reading and understand our flaw as humans and our brain vulnerabilities …..

But back to the topic at hand..Lets also mention religious nonsense and calendar events

Come Easter there is a sudden demand for chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits….

My Point?

When the realization inevitably hit that your new pup, fish, rabbit actually requires work, constant care and can neither spout cutting one-liners nor surf or ride a skateboard, they usually end up in the rescue home or back on the streets or if lucky found by animal heroes. The sadness of today’s realm that adorable animals have to pay because you can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality or your head and your asshole. But still, can you imagine how much more nightmarish this scenario would be if the dogs\cats etc.. could fly and had razor sharp claws they could sink deep into the throats of their oppressors?

We also forget to adopt the 100s of thousands of animals that needs homes because its more trendy to buy\or “adopt” a fragile (beed over years) special breed of pug, chiwawa or parminranian because its “trending” and turn a blind eye to the needy for the sake of it being fashionable,popular amongst your peers and friends and a social media hit.

Your “love” of animals has been hacked by a media as per above and your choice has\was already decided with no due and thought to the bigger picture.

If you dont believe me.. lets go back to when hollywood really started to fuck up the youth and there choices.. a book that should always have been left to natural untarnished imagination but ended up being watched by a lazy generation of millennial’s who chose digital over books.. called Harry Potter movies…. The world suddenly wanted owls!!!

I leave that to your own imagination of sensibility!

Oh, you think owls are cute too? Google what they do when you don’t have an on-set trainer and the blood of precocious English child-wizards to sate them  for non  nature under standers…. Tip… googles a angry owls….

This article has such an endless message but for now only for our “domestic”  friends that need us, no need to go into how much pop culture continues to destroy our root emotions and choices especially our youth…

Parents stop and bloody think, stop getting for the sake of and fellow humans stop buying cause its trending, stop buying because it will make your social media profile blossom because your friends said it was cool… stop buying because you think adoption is generically a good idea. FFS humans..  the only adoption is from a rescue home.. noting else!!

Tell the breeders to STOP!!!!!! (report)
Tell the breeding seller to STOP!!!!!! (report)
STOP buying OR adopting breeding animals

ADOPT the ones that need homes……

I’ve failed to lose my shit in this article but come on humans.. think just a little past yourself and your materially brainwashed needs.. THINK and make the circle of care bigger….

p.s.. There is a whole bunch of Scooby Doos waiting for you at SPCA and TEARS!!!

Please visit the adoption sites or pop into the mzing work out heroes are doing.. These fellas need you help and a home!!!

SPCA – Awesome crew of heroes

Adopt a Rescue

Another private crew of epic heroes:


Lets do this good humans!!!!

Love ya!!