Ultimate Heros

Ultimate Heros

As we all do in life..we cannot thank more the creator of our existence in the roll of the dice of life.Our Mother.. the greatest gift to us all in the science of life. Emotionally and genealogically. There is nothing on earth apart from the incomprehensible beauty and unknowns of our earth that we can compare to a Mothers gift of life. A one in 4 trillion shot at our brief consciousness and existence.

Here’s to our Moms.. the greatest heroes, greatest givers of life, greatest carers, greatest sacrifice of all time…


Second to my Mom.. there is no one else other than ROGER FEDERER

I guess to most no one will understand..

The brand, the idol, the philanthropist, the image of humility… the gene who spans all humanity.. there is no one else in all sports who represents.. humility and a global philanthropy, family and children better than ever. Roger represents the face of global sports ambassadors set by all who succeed on a global scale.

To admire and idolize should never be about fanatasizing about wanting what your fandom wishes and wants but to use there success for inspiration in your own life for good. To only follow and desire is a falure of humanity but a mere zombie idoloization. To use the postivity in the great for good is the power of indicviduals that will keep the faith in humaity going.

There is a reason I love Roger Federer

We are all delt a unique deck of cards in life, talent genes, conciousness of genes and what our genes and memory of growing up dictates and creates…

For the select few who choose wisely for inspiration that dictates and creates untarnished realism and emotion..results in true inspiration fellowship..

Roger Federer supersedes all other sports and represents the baseline of a global philanthropist GOAT (Greatest of all time) of giving and inspiration. There is no one else who represents himself as a brand better in humility, care, family, ambition, competitiveness and philanthropy.

Roger Federer represents Sport.. The end!